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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Memory Loss Humor

Memory Loss isn't funny - Alzheimer's and dementia are devastating diseases that destructive and painful for family members to watch.  Although my mother has severe memory loss, it does create some humorous situations for which we are grrateful.

At a visit to the eye doctor where mother repeated her entire life story with multiple embellishments for the umteenth time,  she refused to mention any eye problems although she had complained loudly and constantly that she needed new glasses and couldn't see a thing. The doctor gave her the eye test, the glaucoma test, checked for any eye disease and peered inside, around and outside the eyeball, finding nothing.   He presecribed some eye drops finding these might help her dry eye or teary eye conditions.  

In the parking lot she stopped before getting into the car and said, "That doctor is a phoney baloney!" She turned around to go back inside. "He didn't look at me at all. I'm going back in there to take my clothes off."

"Whoa!  He's an eye doctor, Mom, he doesn't need to see everything. There is no taking off the clothes for an eye doctor."

"An eye doctor?" she says looking astonished. "Well, that explains what he was doing."


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