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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Travel Trip Checklist Preparing the Home

It's  time to thinnk about the holidays whether we're ready for them or not. Many people travel over the Holidays and inevitably, except for a very few, find that when they get to their destination, they've forgotten something. Here's a travel checklist to print out and put inside the suitcase you take most often. Then when you're ready to go, the checklisst is right inside when you pack.




1. Newspaper - stop delivery

2. Mail - place a hold on the mail until you return or if this is an extended trip, forwawrd the mail to your new address

3. Clean out the refridgerator

4. Arrange for child, pet and plant/lawn care

5. Turn down the thermostat. 

6. Use light timers to have your lights and a radio go on and off in different rooms at different times.

7. Notify a lcose friend or neighbor that you will be away and have not authorized anyone to clean out the house.

8. Leave your itinerary, house keys and car keys with the trusted neighbor or friend and a phone number wher you can be reached for any emergencies.

9. Lock windows, garage doors and house doors and close any drapes or blinds.

10. Make sure your trash and garbage is out before you leave.



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