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Thursday, February 4, 2016

He Ran Over Himself With the Car

Mom calls me one day - not too long ago. After we get through the report on Florida weather, the neighbors, the dogs, and Bingo she says. "Your dad just came back from the hospital," and she giggles. I surpress my anxiety. "Really, what happened?" "He ran over himself with the car," she laughs. 

I wasn't sure I heard that right. How does one run over oneself with a vehicle and what was he doing driving? He has macular degeneration, no driver license, can't see for beans, and shouldn't be behind the wheel.

"Oh, you're kidding," I say as I immediatley go to the computer and start looking for flights to Florida.

"No. He was driving the car around to the back yard, forgot to put the thing in park and got out. It was in neutral and when he got out it rolled over his foot as he was running along side it to get in and put it in park."

"Well, how's he doing?" I ask.

"Oh, fine," she says. 

"I have a flight lined up for tomorrow at 6AM. Don't pick me up, I'll rent a car, okay?"  I pay for the ticket with my credit card, take a breath.  

"I didn't know you were comiing down this week," she says. 

"You must have forgotten, remember I told you a couple of weeks ago?"  

We just hope we live longer than they do, so we can take care of them.  

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