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Monday, February 29, 2016

Do The Pills Help her Memory Loss

My mother was takinig the memory improvement pill, or the pill that was suppposed to help her retain what memory she had left. She got a little canny and started tounging the pill and sticking it in her cheek and then spitting it out. She couldn't remember what she was taking it for and thought she was either being funny or getting attention. We know this because the pills were hidden all over the house, under bed, in drawers, in her jewelry chest and in her books. Yuk, that was a mess.

So the next visit to the doctor I mentioned that she needed another prescription. The doctor asked my mother some normal questions about taking the pills, and whether theywere helping. To each question she replied,"Yuh, " even if that specific answer was inappropriate. "How's the apartment working out?" "Yuh,"  nod, nod. "when are you going to see the eye doctor?" "Yuh" nod, nod. 

The doctor was a pleasant woman but she looked at my mother, and me and said, "Really? Why?"

At least she didnt have to hide the pills anymore. 

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