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Friday, March 4, 2016

There are leprechauns in the palm trees

Mom calls me shortly after my father passed away. "Guess what?" she asks and I notice she's a little excited.

"What?" I too start to get excited for her.

"There's a leprechaun in the palm tree out by the pool."

"Really?" I try not to sound skeptical.

"He's living out there, so I told him he could come into the garage to keep dry when it rains," she said.

"That makes sense," I agree wondering what the heck she's going to let live in the garage and feeling somehwat helpless at 900 miles away.  "When did you start to see him?" I ask because by now I'm wondering what she saw.

"This morning," she says firmly. "I was sitting by the sliding doors watching the birds when he just jumped down from the palm tree and waved.  So I waved back." 

"Ah ha, " I said with limited conviction.

"He gave me the lottery numbers for Friday night," she said. "I bought the tickets this morning."

Saturday morning she called me.  "Leprechauns lie and I'm closing the garage door." 

Apparently she didn't win the lottery.  Whew, I thought, one disaster averted. What's next?



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