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Tuesday, April 11, 2017



If you receive a call from the IRS or someone claiming they're from the IRS and that you owe back taxes . . HANG UP!

Happening now in Alachua, Levy, Gilchrist, Baker, Bradford and Union, Lake City, Ocala and Orlando, and probably more places.   Today I spoke with someone in Alachua County  who received a robo call from someone claiming to be a representative of the IRS and that this person was behind in her taxes and that she needed to CALL BACK IMMEDIATELY!!! She did just that.

The person on the other end verbally abused her and told her that she had to pay what she owed in taxes within the next half hour because the sheriff was on his way to arrest her.  Talk about scared! 

She agreed and asked how much - and was told that she had to pay $1000.00 immediately. One thousand dollars is a lot of money but she said okay. When she asked how to send it to them they said, we don't want anyone to know about this so you'll have to send it to us in GIFT CARDS!  

The IRS doesn't want gift cards, they will not send someone to arrest you, they will not call and threaten you over the phone.  If you receive one of these calls, Please Call the Sheriffs's Office, the Police Department, or just hang up. Don't engage in conversation, don't answer any questions. Do not give out your social security number, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, or even you address.   Just hang up.  Do not call back. They answer the phone "IRS," but if you've ever called the IRS, no one answers the phone, there's a recorded menu, and you go through several recordings before you obtain any assistance.    Anyone can answer their phone IRS, or City of Gainesville or anything else, it doesn't mean it's true and legal.  

This individual ended up giving these scammers the numbers for gift cards totaling $10,000.00. Of course, they had no address and no location.  They won't stop calling once you talk with them, so please, don't engage.  Your grandchild, or neighbor or someone may be able to help you get the number off your phone. Or you can take the phone to the place you bought it, and ask them how to exclude that number.

If you aren't sure whether something is a scam or real, call the police or call the sheriff as they usually know what kinds of SCAMS are happening now.  I understand that this is a multi million dollar business, so don't be a victim.  They operate around the country at tax time and target the elderly. How do they find targets?  They can look things up in the public records, they can see sales of homes and businesses, and look at recent deaths.

 Be aware.



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