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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Florida Medicaid Review for an Individual

Florida Medicaid covers a lot of situations and people: children, infants, pregnant mothers, elders, disabled and more.

A Florida Elder Law Attorney who focuses her or his practice on Medicaid Planning is a valuable tool for you.  

To be eligible for Medicaid in Florida the individual must be in or going into a Medicaid approved facility, be financially eligible, and be medically eligible. If the elder requires assistance with the activities of daily living such as dressing, feeding, bathroom necessities, and bathing, the elder's physician may recommend placement in a facility such as a nursing home.  Therefore the elder is probably medically eligible for Medicaid; and if the elder is going into or is currently residing in a Medicaid approved facility (this means the facility accepts Medicaid payments) you've met the second requirement. The third is more difficult for many people.  To be financially eligible for Medicaid, an individual in 2018 can only have $2000 in assets, an income of no more than $2250.00 a month.  The individual may also have and keep his or her homestead and a vehicle. Neither of these is attachable by Medicaid to pay for Medicaid services, however there are some caveats.  Florida does a wonderful job of protecting the homestead against claims by creditors, including Medicaid.  The individual may be able to keep other assets if the assets meet a specific criteria.  Speak with an elder law attorney if you have questions.  

If the Medicaid applicant is married and the spouse does not need to go into a facility there are additional options available for the spouse living at home.  The home spouse does not have to become impoverished to have a spouse apply for Medicaid.

Speak with an elder law attorney if you have questions. 


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